Eliyahu M. Goldratt – The Goal

Why did I choose to read the book?

After being heavily referenced in the business novel The Phoenix Project, which I read before, I bumped it up my reading queue.

What is it about?

A business book, detailing the trials and tribulations of a production plant manager, fighting to keep his plant from closure. With help of one of his old college professors, he starts to change processes of his plant to reach the plants eponymous goal – to make money, by increasing throughput, cash-flow and reducing inventory. The book also details Goldratt’s Theory of Constrains, in which production capacity of a plant is governed by it’s constraints or bottlenecks. To maximise utilization of said bottlenecks (e.g. by decreasing production of excess inventory and focusing on products for order / direct sales) and producing with constraints in mind, flow (and throughput) can be increased.

How did I like the book?

It was a very enlightening read. The Theory of Constrains, just as detailed in The Phoenix Project, can be transferred to other processes and uses outside production environments. Knowing your constraints and bottlenecks, should greatly help maximising a departments throughput or output as a whole. Also, like with the phoenix project, the story is quite entertaining, even though the protagonist is in some parts unlikeable (at least to me) and there is a side-story about the protagonists marriage problems, which I felt to be badly written and distracting.