Talk like TED: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the world’s top minds by Carmine Gallo

I love TED Talks. Whenever I have the chance, I watch one or two talks and feel awe and envy of the presenter’s skill to transport their massages to their audience. But as with every skill, they are learned and acquired and this book gives insight of some of the techniques and attitudes, presenters use to create their remarkable talks.

Gallo gives some insight on some basic principles of how to present talks that create impact. Most of his proclaimed public-speaking secrets are quie practical in nature, making them quite easy to follow, yet hard to master, needing time an effort to internalize the techniques. That is to say, if you expect this book to make you a presentation wizard over night, then you are likely to be disappointed, as it will take quite the effort to achieve their respective mastery.

While I found most of the described techniques helpful and transferable into practice, I found the book somewhat bogged down by what I would call filler content. A lot of time is spent on individual talks, what was presented and number dropping of their respective view count, which was in most cases unnecessary and also somewhat boring. This filler problem became more obvious in the second half of the book, as content decreased and filler became more prominent.
Still, I found the tipps and secrets to public-speaking quite helpful and giving me somewhat of a guide on what areas of my presentations I need to work on. Therefor I do recommend this book, though I would advise to skip said filler passages.